probio bokashi composting system

Turn all your food waste into a nutrient-rich, organic soil conditioner using Probio’s LIQUID BOKASHI. Create a waste-free system in your kitchen that is not only good for you, it is good for the environment too.

What is Liquid Bokashi?

LIQUID BOKASHI is a natural, powerful probiotic-infused liquid, specifically formulated to break down food waste when used together with your indoor Bokashi composting bin. The beneficial microbes in Probio’s Liquid Bokashi ferment all food waste, including dairy and meat products, breaking them down into a potent, organic compost tea, which acts as a nutrient-rich soil conditioner. Liquid Bokashi is a simple, effective and eco-friendly solution to recycling all your food waste.

Liquid Bokashi is the next generation of Bokashi composting, offering users a more cost-effective and easy to store alternative to Bokashi bran. For first time users, Liquid Bokashi is a simple way of recycling food waste and improving the quality of your garden soil in order to grow your own, creating a closed-loop, waste-free solution.

Liquid Bokashi has been developed by Probio, leaders in Advanced Probiotic Technology, and is a first of its kind in South Africa.

Why use Liquid Bokashi?
Benefits of Bokashi Composting
Bokashi Facts & Figures

About Probio Liquid Bokashi

Probio are leaders in Advanced Probiotic Technology, developing some of the most innovative probiotic products on the South African market.

Liquid Bokashi is a groundbreaking first in South Africa, and is locally produced and packaged in Stellenbosch.

How does Liquid Bokashi Work?

Liquid Bokashi is simple to use. Your household composting can be done in three easy steps.

  1. Add food waste, press out air bubbles.
  2. Coat each layer with 3 – 5 sprays.
  3. Close tightly and leave to ferment.
Bokashi Composting System - Compost Activator - Bokashi
Bokashi Composting System - Compost Activator - Bokashi

How do I use Liquid Bokashi to Compost my Garden?

  • Drain the liquid from the compost every 2-3 days to prevent putrefaction. The drained liquid can be diluted and used as a fertilizer for household plants. The liquid is acidic and extremely potent, so a 1:100 dilution is recommended.
  • Once your Bokashi bucket is full, allow the food scraps to ferment for a further two weeks and then transfer the compost from your Bokashi bin to your garden or planter.
  • Allow at least two more weeks for the fermentation process to continue in the soil before planting your favourite veggies, flowers, trees, etc.
  • Store out of direct sunlight and extreme heat/cold as this will affect the quality of your compost.

What is in Liquid Bokashi?

Liquid Bokashi is completely natural and biodegradable and contains no harmful chemicals. Liquid Bokashi contains a host of live, active probiotic microbes, including:

  • Specially selected yeast
  • Lactic acid bacteria
  • Photosynthetic microbes
  • Fat digesting microorganisms
  • Carbohydrate fermenting microbes
  • Biogenic substances produced during the fermentation of fruit extracts
Bokashi Composting System - Compost Activator - Bokashi

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